What is payday loans and how to apply

What is payday loans?

A payday advance loan is a type of borrowing where the lender will evaluate the applicant’s income and credit profile and lend him or her cash-based on those two factors. There comes a time in life where you need cash, and your bank account may not work in your favor. For example, a sickness that comes instantly and requires a tremendous amount of money to treat. In such a situation, this type of loan is the best option. The most important thing to note is that every category of individuals qualifies for the loan. That is those with good and bad credit profile.

Who is eligible for the loan?

To qualify for a loan, you are required to be at least 18 years old; you have an active bank account, and you may also need to prove that you are employed.

What do I need to check when choosing a payday financial institution?

Before you can enter into any agreement with the institution, you will need to learn how long the business has established itself. Ensure that the company exists for enough time, and it has a good reputation.

Another thing to take into consideration is what type of documentation this company requires from you. The question is this; do you have such documents? For example, some may ask you to give out your monthly payment slips or even bank statements.

Another thing is how much the institution can cash you. You do not want to run into an institution that will lend you little cash that will not meet your emergency need.

How to apply

1.Meet the affordability criteria

Here, you need to check your monthly net income; then, minus your monthly expenses, it should leave you with enough income to help you in loan repayment.

2.Meet the loan criteria

Any financial lending institution must do risk analysis before they can lend you cash. Most of the lenders will require you to be employed. Some may require you to produce identification documents; therefore, you should be a citizen of that country.

3.Have a good credit profile

Even though most lenders may ignore the credit profile, some may require assessing your credit rating. If you accumulatively continue borrowing without repaying, lenders may be reluctant to approve your application.

4.Fill out the form

Like any other loan application process, it will require you to fill out a detailed form; this will help lenders learn about you before they can lend you money. Partially filled or not even filling out the form can automatically disqualify you.

5.Pay off existing loans first.

If you have any outstanding loans with the institution, it may require you to settle your loan first before accessing another loan.

6.Have a good reason to borrow

You should only use this type of loan in an emergency; otherwise, any other reason may disqualify you from accessing the loan.


Payday advance loans are the best option since they are approved within a day.